Wednesday, February 1, 2012

There is no evil monkey!

All I wanted was for a postmortem primate to come charging out of the bush, scaring the ever loving shit out of me. I wanted a surprise. There were odd noises heard, but nothing of the sort happened. Just more zombies, limited to one of four flavors with different skins. The scenery has changed, moving from the interesting beach to the less interesting slums to the boring jungle, finally to a prison that looks just like it did prior to the outbreak. Dead Island had one good idea, but instead of running with it decided to shamble off in the same direction of every other post-apocalyptic snooze fest.

I have seen the end of the world so many times that it no longer frightens me. Bring on the fire and brimstone, I welcome the living dead, the devil himself may walk down the street, alien invasions, devastating earthquakes, climate change fueled super storms, civilization ending resource wars, none of it will come as a surprise. The scariest idea is that the world just won't get around to ending, that people will continue on, ad nauseum, until we breed out all the smart people and only the ass holes are left.

Ah, Mike Judge. A prince among men.


Early reports from people whose opinions I respect peg Soul Calibur 5 as a worthy purchase. Net code is good, a little slim on fighters, but enough to keep everyone happy. I do wonder how Mitsurugi and Siegrfried has fared, but not quite enough to run out and buy the game. Soul Caliber was another fighting game that I thought I was good at. Then I played someone who actually knew what he was doing and I was destroyed. An entire evening was filled with weapon based ass kickings, and I did improve slightly, though my opponent not being able to see or breath due to severe cat allergies had more to do with that than my skill. I just bought a fighting game that I am not playing, and I will buy Street Fighter X Tekken with or without Blanka, so this is going to be a pass for now. The fighting scene is a fickle beast, jumping at whatever is new, but it always comes back home. So that is where I will wait, saving my hop shenanigans and scrubby mix ups for when the time is right.

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