Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When did this happen?

No gaming last night, spent the evening pulling myself up imitation rock walls instead.

Ah, the spectacle of youth. It is not a secret that I am aging quickly. My hairline, graying sideburns, slight double chin, lack of energy and pitiful alcohol tolerance all point to an inevitable and possibly precipitous physical decline. About the only thing I have going for me is a physique inconsistent with a person who spends most of his day sitting in front of a computer and is eating his seventh Twizzler while typing this. My only point is that I am getting old, at least in body (but not in mind).

Eight Twizzlers.

A climbing gym, from my limited exposure, is a subset of a normal gym. Translation: there are no fatties and the average age is significantly younger. It is just easier to balance on a quarter inch toe hold when you weigh seventy five pounds soaking wet. This has been the first time in about two months that I had gone and actually climbed and most of the runs had been redone. There were a few insane, near inverted sections that looked impossible to me. Of course some ten year old kid scrambled up and dangled upside down for much too long trying to pull his feet over his head to grab a heal hold that he could not actually see. Just about everyone who wasn't on a wall stopped what they were doing to watch. Rank amateurs like myself, experienced hipsters, super human sixty somethings, we all craned out necks toward the ceiling to see if he could do it.

He never did, but he gets quite a few points for just trying.

It is a strange feeling to be intimidated by someone who probably hasn't even gone through puberty yet. I shouldn't have been, but I was, and it made me feel old. It is probably a good thing that I cannot see who I am playing in Street Fighter, as there is no doubt I have had my ass kicked by younguns' before and will again. Age should not be an issue.

But my back hurts. And my feet hurt from the shoes. And I had to go to bed earlier than I wanted to because I had to work in the morning. And working for a living sucks, no matter how you slice it. Getting old blows.

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