Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yes! No! Yes!

This is both incredible and terrible news.

If this actually happens, if Guild Wars 2 comes out on your friendly neighborhood console, then it's over. That's it. Guild Wars is my World of Warcraft. It sucked up time so easily, so completely, and with no resistance on my part that it being available on a nice big screen sitting in front of my cushy love seat is frightening. They did so many little things right that I am still surprised that I managed to stop playing and skipped on the third expansion. A quick example: I played a warrior for the original release. When the first expansion came out I moved over to an assassin before anyone realized that they were terrible, but I never deleted my original characters. Months later I logged in with him again, and as a thank you for keeping a character for so long it game me a pet. It was a rather rare pet that I promptly sold for items. Just when I thought I was out, they sucked me back in.

I do have doubts that it will work very well without a keyboard to choose skills with, but there are plenty on buttons on console controllers. Hell, they could let me actually use a keyboard (which never actually happens). Excited, yes. But nervous. Very, very nervous.


As negative as I sounded about Arkham City two days ago, I look forward to sitting down in front of it every night. My blinder have been finely tuned, to the point that the glowing green question marks no longer make an impact. Missions where my destination is 'somewhere in this big circle' are still annoying, but gliding from rooftop to rooftop as Batman is still fun. I was really hoping that it was not going to fall back on the Joker as being the final boss again, but after Ras killed himself (by trying to stab Batman through his own body while falling from the tower that had just exploded) he was the only one left. Freeze has gone soft, Two Face is probably reserved for the Catwoman sections that I will never play, Penguin is locked in a display case in his own museum, Zzazz went down without a fight and Bane is locked in an elevator (seriously, at his size?).

Azreal is floating around, I haven't caught Deadshot yet, and if I remember correctly Hush is in here somewhere. It certainly cannot be said that the is a dearth of content here, I just will not have the patience to see it all before moving on to Uncharted 3 and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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