Thursday, February 9, 2012

You can't always get what you want

Ezio is quite the hypocrite. A few days ago he was yelling at a younger assassin for killing the wrong person because he was not patient enough, and what did he do last night? On the word of an eighteen year old kid who just happened to be third in line for the crown he killed a friend of the kid's father for smuggling weapons and generally going against the will of the sultan only to find out that the weapons he was smuggling were going towards the templar resistance. Whoops. He felt a little guilty, but moved past that and right on to finishing the dead man's missions. Killing hundreds of men makes the odd innocent one a little easier to deal with.

This mission was the first mandatory sneaky one, resetting immediately if a guard sees you. There is also the 100% sync requirement of not killing anyone, but that only made it through the first few attempt. A guard can't see you when he's dead, so I left a path of corpses on the roof tops. After all this skulking around Ezio kills his target by jumping from a platform thirty feet above his head and crushing him, all while he is surrounded by thirty plus guards. Time stops, they talk, and then it is time to run for your life. It was a missions very reminiscent of the first Assassin's Creed, and I am both glad it was there and relived that it has been the only one. Strict mission requirements suck much of the fun out of things. I prefer to have to deal the situation that I have created, not have the game reset because I didn't meet its lofty expectations.


I watched all of these:

and could not help but be disappointed. Ono has been carrying around that damn Blanka toy for months, I thought the final best troll would be for Blanka to show up in the game.

A little, yes. But they are still going to get my money.

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