Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 1 = pain

I didn't win much last night. I would like to blame picking a difficult characters, but most of the Tekken characters have, at first blush, much more to them than their Street Fighter counterparts. Steve is my first choice because I played him in Tekken 5, but this version of Steve does not feel at all like the one I remember. He has no range to his attacks and is absolutely free to low pokes; all of his counters and dodges only work on mid to high. When he does get in his combos are a great deal of work, with attacks canceling into dodges that cancel into other attacks. The end result is a boatload of damage, but getting close enough to attack someone is beyond my ability right now.

This is not a surrender, just an acceptance of being terrible with him for quite some time. Thankfully Guile is still Guile, plus the ability to reliably combo into his super, so the backup is good.

Online right now is a mixed bag. There is a terrible sound bug that causes most of the attack sounds to simple not play. It's distracting and there is no reason that is should have made it into a release build. The actual netcode feels pretty good to me. Better than Mortal Kombat and Marvel, at least as good as Street Fighter. It seems to handle latency a little different, skipping frames to prevent input delay, and the end result can make the game look less smooth than it really is. I am not good enough for this to make a difference, so I can deal with it.

Did I have fun last night in spite of winning no more than two matches? Of course, it is fun to discover new things. If only I had the balls to go with two completely new characters. This may happen, as I like playing characters that no one else plays. I was thinking about replacing Guile with Yoshimitsu, who I played in Tekken 2, but Yoshi is apparently ass tier, which would not do much for my already high frustration level. I like the game, but I want to like it and be good at it, something that there is a good chance will not happen until I get my green crutch back.

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