Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2 = more pain

My resolve weakened, I deserted Steve at about 9:00 last night. Playing again people were already significantly better than me in the last game probably did not help, but the truth of it is that Steve's execution requirements are beyond me. Canceling a normal into a move in one thing; canceling a normal into a command dash into a move into an EX move into the command dash into a normal (and so on) leaves in the dust. Guile was fine. Better than fine, actually. His move seem to more damage and he has relatively easy combos after a tag. So who to replace Steve with?

Without knowing I managed to pick another bottom of the barrel character, at least according to other early opinions: Paul. My rationale was and still is that Paul's offense revolves around the phoenix smasher, which you can cancel into from just about anything. I was mostly right, but Paul has the same problem as Steve: getting close enough to actually hit anyone with anything. It isn't quite as bad, and Paul at least has a few anti-air options, so he is the new Tekken part of my team.

For now.

And now to complain. I still think that AE is about as good as an online fighter can be. The lag is acceptable on a good connection, it is easy to find matches easy to avoid people you don't want to play. Ranked in particular works very well, allowing me to host matches and weed out poor connections. SFxT has abandoned this in favor of Marvel's backwards mechanic of just searching for whatever ranked match is available. If that isn't bad enough it takes forever to find a match. There is also no fight request system, so if I want to play in ranked (which I do, because losing to strangers is slightly less humiliating than losing to people who know me, even when 'know' means they see my silly internet posts) I have to sit there staring at a rotating icon while waiting for the stars to align.

This relegates me to fighting people vastly more talented than myself. Watching Heihachi juggle me for twenty seconds at a time is making Mass Effect 3 (or even finishing Goldeneye Reloaded) better all the time.

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