Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I feed on their hate

A corner was turned in Street Fighter X Tekken last night. Yes, I won more than I lost for the first time, but what means more (and is much more entertaining) were the incredibly negative comments I received from two people after they lost. These guys didn't even wait to send a message, they just started screaming into the mic as soon as the games were done.

#1. God damn wake up flash kick!

Well, what do expect me to do when every time you knock me down you walk up and start mashing jab? EX flash kick is one of the few good wake up options for any character, of course I am going to abuse it.

#2. You mother (pause) mother fucker!.

Not sure what the pause was all about, but this guy quit playing with about ten seconds left, content to wait for a time out win. I sneaked a jumping fierce in with one second left, knocking him and winning the game. A win would have also promoted him from D to D+, so his tears were doubly delicious.

Hate mail soothes my soul, I just needed to make my Guile annoying enough to replace Blanka.

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