Monday, March 12, 2012

Mass eclipse

Mass Effect 3 in unreasonably good. Its quality is truly at a level that is unfair to every other game on my plate right now. Part of this is having a Shepard who is on his third game. He is just the way I left him: a soldier who shoots things in slow motion and has a soft spot for the space ladies with three fingers on each hand. Starting with a character who already sports maxed out stats in an ability or two cranks up the enemies a bit, which I don't mind. I don't want to cake walk through the game, but I don't want to spend too much time on my back either (yet...).

The weakest part of Mass Effect 2, the mining, is gone. It has been replaced with just scanning them on the fly, but there is always a danger of attracting reaper attention while doing so. Not an instant kill, but enough to keep the wrote resource gathering from getting too boring. Location to explore open up as both optional and main quests point to them. This keeps obsessive/compulsive types like me from wasting hours at a time scanning planets instead of moving the story along.

I assume that most of the previous cast will at least make a cameo, as I kept them all alive through the end of the last game. Jack just showed up, and while I do not think I can get her in my party is was very amusing to see her trying not to drop F-bombs all over the place. Maybe it was fan service, maybe I can recruit her, either way, it is nice to see old friends.


Oh yeah, there was a fighting game I was playing. Exposure was limited to about an hour on Sunday afternoon. I didn't win a single match, but I got a better hang of moving from one character to the other. Meter can be used freely, especially now that Guile is sporting nothing but meter gaining gems. There is a fair amount of ill will surrounding this one for reasons that vary from on the disc DLC to the sound not working during online play. These are of course true, and the sound issue is infuriating, but I do not recall anyone complaining about how small the roster was before hackers found more characters squirreled away on the disc itself. At this point they are complaining about the character download being an unlock key instead of three gig.

It doesn't matter that they are on the disc. Capcom never said they were going to be available, so it should come as no surprise that they are not. I am not defending them, but they never lied about anything either. I am just upset because I need to wait six months for Blanka.

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