Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One last time (until the next time)

This may be the last no Street Fighter X Tekken related post for a while. The game is sitting in my car alongside the apparently rare guide just waiting for me to get my scrubby hands all over it. I don't necessarily have characters picked out yet since both of my go to guys have been left off of the list. Steve looks good, but just because he is the only character I played in Tekken 5, and it is hard to go wrong with Guile. The final goal is of course going to be Blanka and someone, but that is six months off.

Side note, it appears that the universe is against me focusing on this game. The timing was perfect: I had just finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Modern Warfare 3, leaving only Goldeneye Reloaded to breeze through (more of that later). Yes, the queue was full, but it would be a few days before anything shipped. At least, that is what I thought before Mass Effect 3 inexplicably shipped out to arrive in a day or two. That's a forty hour game waiting in the wings. Worse, a good forty hour game that, if history repeats, will completely monopolize my time the same way Skryim and Oblivion did. It's not fair, I tell you.


Playing Goldeneye Reloaded right after Modern Warfare 3 is hilarious, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Goldeneye Reloaded is fan service from beginning to end. That does not necessarily make it good, but it is certainly amusing. Enemies behave erratically, the auto-aim to far to generous, the levels are linear and still have a map to get you through. Even the side missions are pointless. In other words, it is just like Goldeneye 64.  It looks better, but it is hard to make an ugly shooter these days. In spite of how archaic the whole thing feels I did enjoy the few hours I spent with it last night. I have no idea how many of the levels are actually retreads of the original beyond the first (Goldeneye 64 was a long, long time ago and Perfect Dark was better anyway), but each has been sillier than the last. There is some stealth involved, and it is terrible, but the 'fuck stealth' option is always there, you just end up having to kill more bad guys.

And that is what a shooter is all about anyway, right?

I have no idea if or when I will finish it. Perhaps when my hands have cramped up, or I realize that a new game does not alleviate the fact that I am just not very good at virtual fisticuffs.

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