Monday, March 19, 2012

Outweigh the needs of the few

Or the one.

Mass Effect 3 spoiler time.

I can understand all of the angst over the ending(s) of Mass Effect 3. After making my choice and watching how the galaxy fared I looked up the other two. They really aren't much different and none of them, even the one with a hint that Shepard survives, are what could be called a happy ending. Poor Shepard is forced to choose between killing all the reapers and in the process destroying all machines everywhere, taking control of the reapers and sending them away, and forcing some sort of evolutionary leap in which biologic and synthetic life are combined. For me the choice was easy: take control of the leapers. It would the least suffering. Or it would if all three choices didn't destroy the mass relay system. Even the best choice leaves the larges fleet every assembled stranded in the Sol system.

That is a lot of Krogan with nothing to eat.

Would I have preferred some sort of happier resolution to five years of work? Of course. I would also have preferred to not have Tali kill herself, but that is what makes the game interesting. It highlights the futility of how you live your life if you have the misfortune of living during the end time. It really didn't matter how Shepard behaved; he would have been presented with the same choice at the end. All the lives I saved, all the species that I got to cooperate for the sake of Earth, and by extension the entire galaxy, are all fucked. At least for this cycle.

One complaint: I built an impressive army that was stuck at 50% readiness because I did not have an online pass. Even if I did have the online pass I would not have bothered with the same hoard mode that has been infecting games since Gears of War. My issue is not with the inclusion of of multi-player in my single player game, it is with making participation in it a requirement for the best single player results. The slippery slope of the 'online pass code' cannot be escaped.

Strangely enough, I have similar complaints about Journey, but that is for another post.


Almost forgot the Mass Effect 3 bug report. In my game Tali died after I got the romance achievement. The night before Shepard's fleet was finally assembled she showed up in his room to comfort him. Interesting bug, but I chalk it up to Shepard finally cracking from all the stress.

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