Monday, March 26, 2012

Really dark darkness

Been on the road for a few fays. There is nothing like riving for seven hours straight to kill a person' desire to do, well, anything. So even though I arrived in my hotel room, carefully chosen to include modern amenities like a television of reasonable size and thickness (that included a HDMI in) my 360 did not make it out of the suitcase. Instead I sat on the couch and sucked up the entire places limited bandwidth my consuming two simultaneously streams from the Nor-Cal Regionals. Five hours of fighting games later and all I had to show for were it were the following:

  1. Super Street Fighter 4 AE is still relevant. It still produces tense, enjoyable matches. Valle is as old as sin but his Ryu is still a joy to behold.
  2. I will never understand Marvel, but I still like the flashing lights and shiny colors. And I have watched enough of it to know when players start dropping combos. Several people cracked, proving that the 'pro's' are still human and just as susceptible to stress as anyone else.
  3. Street Fighter X Tekken is no fun to watch. I can see it getting demoted to just above Mortal Kombat in a few months unless things improve from a spectator standpoint very quickly.
It was as the very least interesting that the top Street Fighter X Tekken players had come to a very differnet decision about what meter is for than the best people who frequent the PA boards. It the opinion of the PA folks (whom have kicked my ass more times that I care to count) that meter is for supers and tag supers because they either do unrecoverable damage or remove all red health. At NorCal people were using meter for extravagant (and wasteful) switch cancel combos. I am biased, but I think the PA guys are right, but just because something works on me doesn't mean it actually a viable strategy.

Because I am terrible.


Darkness 2 has served to fill the hours this evening. The first Darkness was so long ago that I had pretty much forgotten who Jackie was and why he had giant snakes growing out of his back. Darkness 2 tries to fill in a few gaps while at the same time introducing (and then killing) and new antagonist. I was too bust tearing people to pieces to notice. The game does a very good job of making the player feel like a dark, multi-limbed god, so much so that when boss fights roll around that actually manage to be difficult in comes as a surprise.

Fighting a crane swinging a wrecking ball around should never be easy.

The main campaign came and went, saving a plot twist for the post-credits Darkness 3 teaser that I saw coming when I read the back of the box. There is still more game in the form of Vendetta missions that run along side the main ones but star four slightly less powerful anti-heroes. The best part of playing as Jackie was picking up random objects and impaling fools with then. None of the four choices have that, but this also makes them more challenging to play. It feels like it was balanced for multiple players, so I may not make it to the end, but for once the side story, time padding missions are actually fun beyond a few more achievement points.

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