Thursday, March 29, 2012

Same old song and dance

Waking up from a bad night of gaming feels oddly akin to a hangover: I'm not really rested, my head hurts, and when I make it back down into the basement I wonder why all the gaming paraphernalia is not where I remember leaving it, instead mashed to bits or embedded in the wall across the room. It has been noted that I have a childish, terrifying temper when it comes to gaming, usually brought out by fighting games, so imagine how I end up after having a incredibly bad night of that followed by disc read errors.

Things started out well enough. I pulled a few more minutes of fun out of The Darkness 2, packed it up, and decided to spend the rest of the night with Street Fighter X Tekken. It took me about an hour to give back everything I had gained two ago and then some, eventually losing to some wanker playing Ryu who did nothing but throw fireballs and random hurricane kicks. During the last round I said out lout to no one in particular:

'If this bastard beats me I am never playing this game again.'

I have uttered the same words about every fighting game I have ever played, and always lose shortly after saying them. This time around I managed to avoid breaking anything by sitting down with Forza 3. At least I wanted to. On the third race my Xbox cheerfully stopped working and said that the disc was unreadable. I tried again and got the same result. I tried to install the game and it failed at around 80%. A second attempt failed even earlier just to drive the point home that the world had decided that I was not going to have any fun.

All day I worried about what I am going to play tonight. I could try Diablo 2 again. Nah, too ugly. Start The Witcher for the third time? Nah, computer has been running poorly as of late. Purchase I Am Alive? Nah, blew my XBLA budget on Sine Mora (which I have yet to say much about because I lack the skill required to capture how awesome 99% of it is). Culdcept Saga? Sure, because I want to waste three hours on one match. I even walked through a Game Stop hoping something would jump out at me from the used bin. The only thing that caught my eye was Kingdom of Amalur, which I will of course play eventually, but I do not want to drop $60 on it.

As soon as this is done I will wander back down to my couch and I know exactly what will happen. I will play it for a while, get frustrated, and go to bed, having gained nothing.

If it was Friday I would dull the failure with Guinness.

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