Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shatner would approve

The time balance between fucking around and moving the plot along in Mass Effect 3 is squarely on the fucking around side. I spent an hour and a half last night wandering around the Citadel taking care of side missions, building support for the good guys' side of a hopeless war. When I ran out of things to do there I grudgingly advanced the story just enough to get a few more planets to scan. I may be missing the point, but I find the side missions just as interesting as the main ones. They also don't come with a helping of regret for things I did in the previous games.

Decisions that I had forgotten about from Mass Effect 2 have come back to haunt me. Yes, I kept everyone alive through the final mission (and I am still waiting for Tali Zora vas my johnson to come back), but  I also destroyed data that could have been used to cure the genophage. Somehow Wrex knew this and confronted Shepard. Shepard buckled, as one usual does when confronted by a krogan at point blank range. I felt a bit guilty about it, but Shepard sidestepped the issue with a Kirk-like dismissal.

My Shephard has become Kirk. I am so proud.

Still, every confrontation has had an easy way out to maintain my paragon status. Shepard was tasked with 'getting rid of' an troublesome general by a mercenary group as a way of getting their support against the reapers. He didn't want to kill the general of course, so he convinced a black market weapons dealer to donate replace weapons. I didn't even have to look hard for this, it was an option in quest. I don't want cheap ways out of ethical quandaries, I want to me forced to chose between to evils.

Who am I kidding, my Kirk-Shepard is far too cool for that.

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