Thursday, March 1, 2012

To be continued my ass

Too tired to post, to nervous about being sedated for more extreme dentistry tomorrow to go sleep...

Final Fantasy XIII-2 pulled away from by initial infatuation with the combat very quickly. An extended section without Noel was not enough, they also had to include semi-random encounters more difficult than any boss prior and a final boss that is as over powered to moderately leveled characters as I have seen in quite a while. And then?

Sarah dies, and the game end with 'to be continued.'

I am certain that there is a hidden ending, and I aim to YouTube it up shortly, but this really was half a game. The combat was good, despite my misgiving about difficulty spikes, but story was terrible. It was also only twenty or so hours long. There is more to do, but going back through all the previous levels to unlock slightly different versions of said levels does not strike me as a great way to spend my time. It is done, I will not miss it.

The timing could not have been better. If the most recent Modern Warfare holds true to its predecessors I will be able knock it out over the weekend. This is assuming that I wake up again and can play a little tomorrow night. I may lose all of tomorrow and wake up on Saturday, fully rested and very hungry. Blacking out sucks, but multiple crowns suck more. I choose to not remember it.

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