Friday, March 16, 2012

We're getting the band back together

Finally, after around fifteen hours of play, I have assembled my preferred squad: Shepard, Garrus and Tali. Strategically I have no idea if this party makes sense, nor do I care. Combat has yet to require more strategy than 'get behind something, shoot the bad guys,' and soldier Shepard is more than capable enough to take care of this all on his own. The party banter, specifically between Garrus and Tali, is absolute gold. Shepard, never to let imminent danger to life and limb interfere with getting his freak on, was openly flirting with Tali while they were fighting their way through a geth cruiser. It was blatant, and Tali was not being shy in her responses. Cue Garrus:

'I was around the last time you guys got together. Get a room and get this sorted out.'

My other favorite character is dead (Mordin, rest his soul), so my party is set for the rest of the game. Everyone else is either clingy (Liara), bitchy (Kaiden), too much of a bro (Vega) or downloadable content. It's a good thing that I genuinely like Garrus and Tali. Garrus is the best friend that Shepard has; he is one of the few people that shows concern for his well being without trying to get him into bed. And Tali is the perfect mix of innocence and 'I will kick your ass if you cross me.' She is the kind of girl that you wanted to meet in college but that does't actually exist.


Technology for Street Fighter X Tekken continues to advance while I spend my time scanning planets and saving the galaxy. My original intent was to put time into the game, time enough to not be terrible, but my slim attention span and self deprecating manor have once again pushed virtual fisticuffs to the margins of my allotted gaming hours. I will probably play tonight, but then again I would like to drink tonight, and my low ability does not mix well with my low tolerance for both alcohol and failure. Almost every video I watch is of the same Heihachi combo whose third hits is an overhead (and no one blocks), or ridiculous shenanigans involving one of several fully exploitable infinits. There is a great game in there, I can smell it, but it may be six months before anyone actually gets to play it.

And Blanka with a severely nerfed through range is going to be a chore to play. Not that I wont try.  

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