Wednesday, April 18, 2012

But does it cause decay?

I haven't been avoiding Kingdoms of Amalur, there just really isn't much to say. It's RPG chewing gum, but it is really good chewing gum. The flavor changes just often to keep me going. Last night I arrived in what any other game would call Lothlorien, complete with impossible architectural flourishes and long lived, pointy eared residents. There were about five or six quests that popped up just for walking in, one of which was an old fashioned 'put the things in the correct order with just barely enough information' puzzle. It was a nice change of pace from the combat, as I am finding out that a straight rogue build may not have been a good idea.

Against one opponent it works very well, even without a back stab to get thing going. Soften then enemy up from a distance with the bow, then stun lock them into submission with many, many little hits. Even when an enemy decides to no sell a few hits I am able to run away and start the process over. There is almost always more than one thing to kill, sometimes up to ten, and my poor rogue starts drinking healing potions like they are going out of style. Honestly, he feels like the assassin class from the first Guild Wars expansion: terrific for the first two seconds of a battle but screwed if what he was aiming at isn't dead after the first few shots.

Speaking of Guild Wars, in pains me to say that Guild Wars 2 (the PC version, anyway) is not going to get played. My computer is not up to the task, and there are other things that I want more preventing me from spending the money to get one. The same will also hold true for Diablo 3; I know that Blizzard game scales very well, but I don't want to play a half assed version of an excellent game. One of the things reigning in my spending is knowing that new consoles are coming out next year, of which I will need two. Putting aside money now for new Playstation and Xbox is really not a bad idea. The other thing? Don't laugh...

It could happen.

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