Tuesday, April 10, 2012

But, my items!

Clash of Heroes made an interesting turn last night, one that will actually make it easier to not spend all of my free hours puzzle battling demons. The quest is divided up into four or five parts, each one centered on a different race and area of the world. I finished the first section last night, having fully leveled up most of my units. It was a good boss fight, just different enough from previous ones to require a different strategy but no so difficult that I didn't make it through on the first try. The star of this section, the female elven archer stereotype, rescues the human warrior stereotype and send him back home to stop war between the races. The new character arrives just in time to be branded a traitor and attacked, and then *surprise* he is level one, with level one units, no big units, and no items.

It's a new game, a game that I have already played. All sense of progress has been lost. The first section didn't take much more than five hours, but it would be nice to earn new abilities and units instead of everything be reset to zero. The game is still fun, but I will need to take a break from it for that awful specter of 'familiarity' to go away. This works well, as Kingdom of Amalur did indeed arrive yesterday. I have been told it is quite good, even better than Skyrim, though this came from someone who didn't play Skyrim because first person anything makes him motion sick.

I don't think I can take advice seriously from a man whose personal fortitude is too weak to play most of the games that I enjoy.

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