Thursday, April 19, 2012

Excitement is where you find it

That was a Can Am Spyder, by the way, and I will have one someday. And yes, it is indeed an early symptom of my mid-life crisis.


No news on the Amalur front yesterday. I suppose that is an issue with long games filled with pointless but enjoyable quests: there just isn't much worth talking about on a daily basis. I tried to keep an in character journal of my time with Skyrim. That lasted all of a week or two and I just ran out of ideas. Amalur lacks the wonderful randomness of Skyrim, so the quests I am doing now and the same quests that everyone else has done, and we probably did them in the exact same way. I have made the comparison before, but it still stands: Skyrim is a world, Amalur is a game.


Here's something exciting: I just spent an hour and a half fighting with the SQL 2008 R2 install on a new SBS server. Yes, I know that SBS sucks, but it just for testing. SBS comes packed in with two separate instances of SQL 2008 R2 but it doesn't bother giving the domain admin account administrative SQL access. And the SA is disabled.


I had to open up one of the instances in single use mode and force feed SQL the domain admin account.

It was exciting for me.

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