Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Now everyone is just as bad as me

It took about a month, but the ranked area of Street Fighter X Tekken has sorted itself out. Early adopters of fighting games are almost always the serious players, so setting fight requests to people with the 'same' rank had a pretty good chance of matching you up against someone way, way out of your league. Last night I played people more or less on the same level as I am (read: still stuck but know the moves) and it was much more fun.

I have identified the most immediate failing that requires correction, and it has more to do with muscle memory that anything else. In Street Fighter I have the bad habit of using throws as a punish too often. In Street Fighter 4 it isn't that bad of an idea; regular throws are actually pretty quick and have decent ranges, so using them in wake up games actually works. Throws in SFxT are terrible: they come out slowly and have a tiny range, yet I keep trying to use them. In my head I know that the proper whiff punish in chaining MP to HP, tag launcher, big finisher. My team is built specifically around this. Guile builds meter, tags in Paul who has a power gem go off just from the tag. Paul had really east combos into his super. In practice mode, this works great. But in a match?

'Sweet, whiffed uppercut! Time for big damage!'



There is another issue that needs fixing, one that requires no time at all, just money. My stick is long past end of life. I have been playing on the same Madcatz SE since the first version of Street Fighter 4 came out. Years of down/back have created an enormous dead zone on the stick itself: I can move the thing most of the way to the edge of the gate before anything actually clicks. Being broken had no real effect on Blanka or Guile, but now that I have an honest to goodness command character that I need to use it would be nice to consistently cancel crouching medium kick into a phoenix smasher. What I want is one of these:

Works for XB360 and PS3 and a pretty good deal at $130. I just need that $130.

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