Saturday, April 14, 2012

Old hobbies

Chance shared on his exceptional blog a few of his resent game based figure indiscretions. I, too, once had disposable income, and built a small but growing collection of figures, knickknacks, baubles, and other pointless but cool items that do nothing other than look cool. They have been sitting in a box since I moved just over a year ago, so this was as a good a reason as any to pull them out and catalog them.

Please excuse the shitty picture quality. I love my new Windows Phone's ability to automatically upload pictures to my sky drive, I would just like it more if it took good pictures.

That Jabba is really, really old.

The only Alice figure I am missing is the jabberwock, which I have never even seen in person.

Yes, that is Angus Young rocking out behind Pinky and the Brain.

Worth price of the collectors edition right there.

'Uhh, your game sucks.'

Gah, the glare is terrible, but I do not think I am ever going to open these.That's Haruko and Kanti from FLCL and, well, me.

Skeksil, huh? I had no idea.

Last one. The Rancor is as old as Jabba. There are both, as far as I remember, the original releases of both of these toys. If they were in the box, they might even be worth something.

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  1. Yeahhhh totally jealous of Alice & friends. Also, Jack.

    And I totally had a Rancor and Jabba when I was a kid! God, there's so much I wish I'd saved.