Friday, April 20, 2012


Diablo 3 has a public stress test this weekend and I do not  know if I want to participate. On hand it will determine once and for all if my aging machine will be able to run it in a manner befitting a game of its caliber, but on the other if it does run I will end up playing it all weekend instead of getting work done on Amalur, and them I will end up buying the game and will have already played the first several hours.

Truly, first world problems.


I almost always make a point of investing in conversation or intimidation skills in RPG's regardless of what class I play. Victory by snarking someone to death is just as sweet as killing them with a sword. For some reason I did not do this in Amalur, instead dumping all of skill points into sneaking, unlocking and finding hidden things. Unfortunately have a conversation skill of 0 does not mean that I am missing dialogue choices, it just means that the best ones only have a 5% chance of working.

It gets even funnier the person who wrote the quests couldn't find a way around a failed intimidation attempt. I was assigned the simple task of rooting about and 'taking care of' traitors in three separate camps. This was simple because each spy was named and their locations were highlighted on the map. I quick traveled to the first one, woke him up, and started a conversation.

'What do you know about (insert bad guy's name here, I forget what it was)?'

'Why, I have no idea what you are talking about!'

Option 1: 'I know you are a spy.'

Option 2: 'I know exactly what you did (5%).'

Option 3: 'Oh, my mistake, carry on then.'

I tried the intimidate option and it failed, so I went with the less subtle approach. The spy was so insulted that he attacked me. So instead of failing the quests because my character lacked the verbal skill to get his point across the wimpy spy goes full aggro on a guy whose weapons are literally dripping with fire and poison. It did no go well for him, and I got my reward.

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