Monday, April 30, 2012

This is actually very funny, but it could be funnier

Stolen from All Games Beta (who stole it from somewhere else, most likely):

That's pretty good, but they forgot a few people. Let's start with

The Arbiter
I can indulge Halo with two characters, but no more, and certainly not Cortana. It's impossible to GIS her without getting images that are NSFW anyway.

Marcus Fenix

Gears gets similar considerations, with two recognizable fighters. I suppose that I could include the locust queen, but she would be a little creepy, even for a fighting game. 10 more? I can make it...

Joanna Dark
Yes, she hasn't has a good game since the very first Perfect Dark, but what better place for a characters swan song than an ill advised Smash Brothers rip off?

'Splosion Man
'Splosion Man has moves that would actually make sense in a fighting game. He 'splodes. 

Jack of Blades
What do you mean that you don't know who this is? Did you even play Fable?


Just because you deny playing the game doesn't mean it didn't actually happen.

Digging deep, now. No one played Bullet Witch, but it was an exclusive, and she certainly is better than Kameo.

Kaim might be just a bit broken, since he can't actually die, but at least he has a sword.

Kinectimals Tiger
Think Gon from the Tekken series. Little, hard to hit, frustrating to fight, perfect for the kiddies.

All snark aside, this would be pretty damn cool.

Once again, you can deny it all you want, but I know you played Onechanbara, so you know exactly who this is. Aya would have at least a dozen outfits. At least.

Damnit, running out. Going to have to go back a generation for my last roster spot.

The time sweeper. Fuck yeah.

So there you a go, a list of Xbox exclusives for their very own Smash Brothers. If I had any skills with photoshop I would make a new character select screen.

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