Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cute excuses

Been a busy two days, and it has nothing to do with gaming. First, in a totally none game related note, I am rather tired because this showed up at my house:

She looks peaceful there, but she certainly did not like be crated last night when I went to bed. She also barked at the TV when I was trying to play Dragon's Dogma, which may not be a bad thing. This dog could be the new official 'video game bullshit detector.' More on that in a bit.

I tried to start playing Dragon's Dogma on Friday night and got all of a half an hour in. It is not often that a game overwhelms me; I like to think that I have seen just about everything in one form or another since I started out playing Adventure on my 2600. Dragon's Dogma manages to confuse me by through lack of explanation and poor translation. These pawns, are they permanent party members? Should I spend money equipping them? Why do I not have a quest most of the time? I have to equip clothing and armor (side note, I really like this, it just took be until last night to figure out why my fighter looked like the gimp, I forgot to put a shirt on him)? What is this little 'online' area where I can browse other pawns and hire them?

And why the hell is the screen so crowded?

I gave up, got another beer, and watched Immortals. Immortals was terrible and I should not have wasted my time with it.

Last night, once the new dog stopped barking at the TV, I spent a few more hours figuring things out. Even once I had filled in all the gaps in knowledge and turned off most of the party chat the game was brutally difficult. My little cadre of a fighter and two mages was thrown up against fucking alligators with spears. It turned out just as ugly as you would expect, taking a half an hour of retries to get past. This netted me enough money to cover my shame by buying a shirt. This progress lasted any hour until another encounter coupled with questionable AI path finding (and a whining puppy) forced me to call it a night.

Dragon's Dogma confuses me. It is Capcom's take on Skyrim and Amalur, but I have no idea if it is any good or not. I don't think it does, either.


  1. I asked Morninglord (you know Morninglord, right? The guy who finds the invincibility frames in games like Prototype?) over PSN what he thought of Dragon's Dogma. He said "it's like it was made for me," and expanded on that by explaining that he had spent an entire day trying and failing and trying and failing and ultimately succeeding in killing a random Drake boss that was wandering out in the open world.

    Thus scared shitless, I resolved not to buy Dragon's Dogma any time soon.

  2. It has some of things in it that I didn't like about Demons Souls. We will see how long I can stand it.