Friday, May 11, 2012


I would like to highlight a blog that I just stumbled across while killing time on I don't normally look things up there, as in spite of what my somewhat large gamerscore would indicate I do not whore out for the 'cheevos. I was just curious as to how I would have gone about unlocking a few of the more poorly explained ones from NeverDead. Then I stumbled across the leader board and I just had to look. I had to see how my epeen stacked up against people who, instead of being naturally blessed, whip out the epeen peen-pumpers. You know, games that even I wouldn't play like The Price is Right Decades or anything exclusively for Kinect.

My number would put me at 312 out of a lot. Not bad, but nothing to write a blog post about. Now for number 1, and I will just put a link to his gamercard instead of typing out the number, because even I am not sure I believe it:

...and it's not loading. Okay, here is a link to his blog: I would post his score, but it keeps going up every time I refresh the page. Right now it is 716,400, but his is online right now playing some bullshit game I have never heard of. This man is dedicated, playing games out to their full 1000 points regardless or quality. Going through his list I can find a few here and there and that were so terrible that he didn't make it all the way, but those are more than made up for by the shear quantity of games he has played. This guy gets a full 1000 out of sports games, something that I have not managed since I milked NBA 2K6 for all it was worth for a contest (and have not done since).

Stallion83 doesn't play games, he plays and has won the meta-game, and I am a little jealous. There is a genuine possibility that he doesn't even enjoy games, but that the little popping noise an unlocked achievement generates gives him an endorphinal rush equivalent to a user's first time sampling heroin and he just never got around to stopping because really, who is he hurting. I am, at the very least, impressed by what he does. The next closest person is 16,000 points behind, and the third place gamer is over 100,000 away. Stallion83 is in the Guinness Book of Gamer Records (and yes, there is such a thing).

It almost makes me want to go back and play Syndicate a little more.


Ha! comparing my list to his, I got more points out of NeverDead, way more out of Rayman Origins, and a ton more for Skyrim. On the other hand, he got 1000 points out of DreamWorks Kartz, a game that is used for enhanced interrogation.

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