Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't over think it

I had all sorts of interesting things to say, then I sat for an extra hour in Chicago waiting for a plane. Honestly, anything nice and creative was sucked out just getting to Chicago, spending two nights in hotel room just sealed the deal.

Let's if I can remember any of them...

Nope, and now House is on.


Commercial. I played Rock Band at appropriate volume for the first time in quite a while on Sunday. It started as just a little way to pay homage to the untimely passage of MCA by screaming Sabotage as loud as I could, but after that I couldn't stop. I pulled out the guitar and played for over an hour, smiling like an idiot the entire time. My affection for this genre has already been espoused ad naseum, as has my disappointment in its being milked to death. But the truth is it never went anywhere. Harmonix has put out new downloadable songs every week since the first game came out. My math may be out, but that is over two years. There are still massive holes that will never be filled by Jimmy Page is an ass hat who hates money, but if wanted to press buttons in time to music I could have at any time. Instead I have played terrible game and complained about them, then beat my head and hands against fighting games that I will never be not terrible at.

I have asked this before: why do I play games? There is the achievement meta-game, but even with an gamerscore of over 130,000 I have still have at least one person on my friends list that has me beat. I do enjoy playing things that no one else plays, but that so often leads to subjecting myself to games like Neverdead that I am beginning to question if that is worth it. Yes, almost everything gets played eventually, but does the bad really make the good that much better?

Apparently spending this much time alone, sober, and watching one of the last episodes of House makes me more introspective. Feh, as soon as this episode is over it is back to Neverdead, which has managed to turn itself around from terrible terrible to terrible reasonable. Better than nothing, I suppose.


Oh, and on a completely unrelated note my rental car is a Chevy Malibu. It is a terrible vehicle full of blind spots and I am not looking forward to driving it again tomorrow.

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