Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm really not that mad

Time to cleanse the palate.

There is something very important that I do not understand about Asura's Wrath. It's a brawler with an occasional bit of Panzer Dragoon on rails shooting thrown in and a hefty does of Dragon's Lair style quick time events. That I get, and while it is little more than a jigsaw puzzle game the bigger picture does not offend me. What confuses me is the way the game is chopped up into five or ten minute pieces, as if the physical disc is a complication of a years worth of downloadable mini-games.

Each act is divided into chapters and each chapter has further breaks, usually right before something exciting is about to happen. It feels like the lead up to and follow up from a commercial; when the game comes back it runs through the prior five second again, only instead of making a trip to the kitchen to grab more chips I have been sitting on my couch for all of six seconds getting annoyed by this interruption. I think that Capcom is trying to create the feeling of interactive anime, but all it really does is destroy the game momentum.

This is really a shame, because if there is one thing that Asura's Wrath does well it is show that you really, really don't want to piss Asura off. Get him mad enough and he grows more arms. Beating the first, planet sized boss cost Asura the extra arms along with his original two, so he fought the next boss with his head and feet. He is an emotional steam roller without a single fuck to give whose only weakness is the framework of the game that he has been saddled with. He also bears a passing resemblance to Kratos, just without the whole 'I killed my wife and kids' baggage.


Thanks to Chance for entertaining my venom about Max Payne 3. This exchange was good; it is a reminder that any game, no matter the quality, can bring different reactions out of different people. A wonderful medium, these video games. I will need to make an effort to play more current titles and see if we can cross paths again.

Dragon's Dogma, perhaps?

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  1. We definitely need to do it again - I suggest a more conversational structure! E-mail, perhaps?