Thursday, May 10, 2012

It is everything else

I must preface my reactions to Syndicate by saying that my contacts have been giving me a great many problems as of late. My eyes get tired very quickly, the lenses dry out, and everything looks like I have had that one extra beer after 'really drunk' that you know was a bad idea half way through but finished anyway. This is especially bad at night, and even worse when driving, as every street light or head light or any other kind of light is surrounded by huge amounts of light bloom. My whole world is an over used graphical effect.

On that note, play Syndicate and you will get an excellent idea of what looking through my tired eyes will get you. Every light in every room is liberally 'enhanced' with light bloom. This is only cool the first time, then I realized that enemies were hiding in that light bloom just like Han Solo coming in out of the sun. They could see me before I could see them, and you can't take a whole lot of damage in Syndicate. It's no simulation, but the main character is no Master Chief, either. I end up using bullet time (that's what it is, no matter what the game calls it) every time I walk into a new room just so I don't get murdered before my eyes can adjust.

This one complaint aside, Syndicate is a pretty good shooter. I have no idea if it stays true to its namesake as I never played it, but I will say that it looks and feels like Blade Runner, the action game, minus all the depth and existential crises. Okay, maybe more like The Fifth Element, the shooter, without Lee Loo.

Ok, not that either, but it gets the sci-fi look down. Oh, it's Deus Ex, the shooter! Wait. Damnit.

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