Friday, May 4, 2012

It is finished

Amalur came to a mostly satisfying end late last night in a hotel in St. Paul. I have found that spending just a little bit more and planning ahead not only nets nicer hotel rooms but nicer hotel rooms that have modern televisions with HDMI inputs. I hit the level cap a good five hours before the final quests and was skipping things left and right, so I am sure there are several hours worth of content that I did not see. That is what the developers get for placing an artificial cap on how powerful a character can be. Yes, I could have visited a fateweaver and any time and reallocated all of my ability points, but why keep a person who has the time to burn from creating an obnoxiously powerful character? Maxing out a character and finding way to break the game are half the fun on an action RPG; a level cap this low kills any post-main quest play.

To be fair, Skyrim has a level cap as well, but I played that for about fifteen more hours than Amalur and didn't hit it. This summers expansion will hopefully see this cap raised, but even if it doesn't the content in Skyrim is good enough to carry the game past increasing imaginary numbers. Amalur never gets that far.

Back on topic, there aren't many boss battles in Amalur, so when a dragon shows up for the last one I was excited. Then it turned into a gimmick battle where I never actually fought the dragon, only the monsters it summoned, and the shine quickly wore off. I will archive my save, just in case there is another game in this series, but I will certainly not hold my breath for it.


Rumor: Harmonix working on new kind of rhythm game.


Explanation: Harmonix seems to be working on a motion controlled music game for next generation consoles, with combat, explorable environment, and a strong narrative element.

No. No.

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