Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now go away or I will taunt you a second time

Just when I thought Binary Domain was done poorly lampooning races the French showed up.

If only.

I had finally made it out of the second sewer level (one more than is actually required in all action games) when a buffoonish Frechman and his friendly robot showed up in a van. I really didn't want to get in, but there was no choice, as they had half the Japanese army chasing them. Following a terrible on rails shootout the Frenchman was dead and his friendly robot was now on my team. Cain is the opposite of HK-47: he is not cool, does not insult you, and does not give you dark side points for hanging out with him. He did at least have the decency to leave when the Chinese operative climbs into the angry American's lap for no good reason, and he has been the source of at least one courtesy chuckle, so I prefer him to Big Bo, if only because I would not be embarrassed for a someone to see me playing a game with him in it.

I wish I was making all of this up. It sounds like an Onion article, but I swear to you it all happened, and all of it interfered with what is turning out to be a pretty good shooter. I have changed my mind about the in game commands being a good idea because they never work, but not using them at all has not put me at any disadvantage. The one command that I have tried, 'Fire,' has been rebuked every time, even though that it what they were already doing. In spite of everything the game is doing, both on purpose and as a byproduct of laziness, is still fun. Is it excellent in any way? Of course not, but shooting things is difficult to make completely boring, and going in to a game with no expectations at all makes ignoring giant flaws much easier.

And just so I am being completely clear: no, I am not saying that Binary Domain is better than, say, Max Payne 3. What I am saying is that I was expecting total shit and got something passable, which is a win when your games played resume is as filled with clunkers as mine.


I think that may be the second time I have embedded that very same clip for a post, and I do not apologize.

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