Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Old games that never came out

Yesterday's picture post was a direct result of having nothing to talk about. Microsoft is an easy target and I will take just about any opportunity to remind people that Blinx was a real thing that actually happened. The Sony Smash Brothers game is also a real thing and only slightly less amusing than my fiction, though it has more to do with broken game play than a dearth of characters. Smash Brothers is not very complicated, but it worked very well as a part game. Playstation All Stars has left behind the stock and percentage system, opting to only allow a KO via super move. Getting knocked off the edge of the stage and beat to death is not enough, you are only eliminated by eating a super. This is not the first time health in a fighting game has been replaced by a race to power up an (more) over the top final attack. Remember this:

I played this shortly after it didn't come out and it was a mess. The actual fighting was bad enough, but watch how everyone runs away when someone builds up their finishing move. The game changes from fighting to running for your life, and the person doing the chasing has an unfair advantage. People who have gotten an early look at Playstation All Stars have also noted a disparity between how good character's supers are, which means that if you actually want to win there will only be a few viable choices.

So it is a blatant rip off of Smash, but doesn't actually rip off enough to be any good. To trot out a very old meme: lolSony.

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