Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Powerful consistency

It feels like Amalur is coming to an end. I am all of two levels away from the level cap and have unlocked every useful thief/assassin skill. There is only one corner of the map left undiscovered, and since it is the home base of the immortal bad guys I doubt it is going to be filled with random people offering fetch quests like every other square inch of the world. The only thing not wrapping up nicely is the story. Oh it might be, but I lost track of it thirty or so hours ago. The main quest was no more interesting than the multitude of side quests. It was not fleshed out with more than two or three characters and nothing much every really happens.

  • Our hero dies and is resurrected, thus separating him from his fate
  • Our hero meets a fate weaver who recognizes his potential and decides he should help in the fight against the evil, immortal fae
  • ?
  • Profit!
The ? is about forty hours of fun but inconsequential shenanigans. Amalur is an incredibly long short game, or maybe about five short games all stuck together. Still, it would be hypocritical of me to poke too much fun, as I have played it almost every day since I started almost a month ago. I am a sucker for the setting and mechanics and will fill in the blanks of story myself if what is offered does not excite. If the stealth and combat in Skyrim were handled this well it would have been the perfect game.


Traveling again over the next few days, today to Minnesota and next week back Kentucky (neither of which are my home state, and no, I am not telling). My Xbox has quite a few miles put on it, let's hope that the hotel rooms are up to the task. My new Windows phone is just not up to the task of keeping me amused.

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