Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shiny and old

Watch this:

That. is. Delicious. It is several different flavors, every one of which is guaranteed to bring money leaping out of my wallet. It looks to be one part Unreal Tournament low-grav instagib capture the flag, a specific game type that I loved when I was a younger man with faster reflexes, and of course Trackmania, a game that actually improves my feelings about people in general, as most of the user created tracks are seriously awesome. There was actually quite a bit of user created content in UT, everything from skins to entire levels, so the idea of a game that makes this easier, indeed, it is the whole point, makes me want to try my hand at building a few things.

The collectors edition of UT 2004 came both with a level editor and a tutorial video on how to use it. Well shit, I thought to myself, how hard can it be? I never made it past watching the videos, but the intention was certainly there. I actually have more free time now than I did then, so if I could sum up the discipline and patience to, well...

So I am very much looking forward to what the community comes up with. Trackmania 2 just barely runs on my current dog of a machine, and since this looks like it is using the same engine I should be okay, whenever it decides to come out. Not even the internet bogie man of 'Ubisoft DRM' is enough to scare me away. The point of this game is to shoot other living people, so if an internet connection is required at all times I will not be offended. At least I won't find myself killing bots by mistake.

Look at me, I am excited for a game, a PC game at that. That makes three PC games (this, Grim Dawn and Torchlight 2) that I actually want to play. This is not good. I have a new generation of consoles to worry about in a year or two. This required the hoarding of monies as soon as possible. A new computer is simply not in the cards.

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