Monday, May 14, 2012

Trollin' trollin' trollin'

I swore that I would not purchase Super Street Fighter 4 AE for a third time. Even as the casual (read that as people close to my skill level) players migrated over to the new PC version I resisted. It took dipping my toes back into Xbox live to find that the only people left are people who feast upon scrubs like me to finally convince me to migrate platforms. That, and I already had to buy a new headset for my computer, what was thirty more dollars for a game to use them with.

The skill difference between PC and Xbox players is astounding. There are of course killers out there, but in the three hours I played on Saturday night I ran into one or two of them and player after player who just did not know how to block or what to do if I blocked their attacks. I will never say that I am good at this game, but I have figured out that eight times out of ten the best thing to do on wake up is nothing. One of those other times the right thing to do is mash crouch tech (not really) and and two thirds of the last time are to back dash or fadc back dash. That last little quarter of a time is the right time to do something, and that is only if the other player as committed to something that you know you can punish.

I fought a Ken who would try to cross me up every time he knocked me down. Ken might have a safe jump for this, but if he does then this guy was not using it, because I caught him with EX electricity every single time. Another person kept trying to jump in on me with Ryu, but at the wrong distance, so I was able to either trade or anti-air him cleanly every time, and he kept doing it. Then there was a Ryu whose first reaction on seeing Blanka holding down back was to spam crouching jabs. This is Street Fighter X Tekken, son, jabs are good but not that good. I got my spacing right and traded crouching fierce punches with his jabs for nearly half his life before he did something else.

Then I tagged him with a random horizontal ball just to be a dick.

To be fair, the few people that were good were really, really good and completely destroyed me, but it felt good to control the flow of a match with a mid tier character again. The game does not run as well as I would like, cementing the idea that my rig is just not up to challenge Diablo 3 (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it), but it runs will enough. I just hope people don't quit on this now that SFxT has come out for PC.

(they won't, SFxT is just not as good as anyone hoped.)


Ninja Gaiden 3 is not good, but not for the same reasons that I disliked the previous two. I have never enjoyed Ninja Gaiden's brand of difficulty, but 3 has taken that difficulty and tempered it with an incredibly cushy health gaining mechanic. As you fight you build your magic bar. At the end of a fight any unused magic fills your life back up, but using your magic also fills your life, so hoarding it is pointless. The combat itself isn't any easier, so I end up fighting to fill my magic bar instead if fighting to stay alive. Add to that a total lack of skills progression and about three weapons and Ninja Gaiden 3 is a throw back to the kind of action games that no one wants to play anymore. It's boring and frantic at the same time.

I wonder if Tecmo misses Itagaki yet.

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