Friday, June 1, 2012

A break from the unreal

I didn't play anything last night, but I did climb a 5.9 wall for the first time and got by belay card. Neither of these things are at all impressive, but that are certainly markers of progression in one of my non-gaming hobbies. Climbing actually compares rather well with Street Fighter, if only because improvement comes in spurts and the plateaus are maddening to get past. The steps that need to be taken to improve are also obvious. In Street Fighter I need to work focus attacks into my game, learn the crouching medium kick into ultra 1 link, and quite possible play a real character. For climbing, it more simple, but also much more boring: I just need to be stronger.

For just under a year I have gotten by on simply not being very big. Not having to haul much weight makes easier climbs much easier, which also allowed me to gloss over not having the strength or endurance for more difficult moves. Last night I found myself dangling from an overhang with a very clear idea of what I needed to do but not able to do it. There is always a right and a wrong way to solve these indoor problems, and event though I am pretty sure I had the right way I just couldn't pull myself up. Pull ups are the only answer, but pull up, hell, exercise in general, is so boring that I have never even entertained it before. I need to decide if I really want to get good at this or be satisfied with my current plateau. Improve or settle.

Such an awful decision, because money is also involved. Not to make (too many) excuses, but my SE arcade stick is also one of my problems. It has more than served its time and has had one too many trips across the room for its own good, therefore it is in serious need of replacement. A Qanba is over $150. A pull up bar is negligible, but other climbing equipment is really fucking expensive.

Not everything is Street Fighter, but it makes for great analogies.


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