Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The grocery list has a time limit

Dawnguard is out and I can't play it!

Well, I could, but that would be a great way to make sure that Witcher 2 never gets finished, and I do not wish to add the sequel to the same list of its predecessor. Wither 2 apparently isn't that long, and it feels like I am closing in on the end of the second chapter, so maybe another week and I can knock it out. Then it will be vampire hunting time.


Speaking of Skyrim, it's open ended nature meant that it was never too late to go back and finish off side quests that were missed the first time around. The game does not end, so to speak. The main quests ends, but you are still free to wander about the world being a dick to whomever crosses you path. The plot in Witcher 2 has places to be and things to do which results in side quests being locked off without warning. Linear(ish) RPGs are usually nice enough to tip the player off if they are about to cross a point of no return, usually through a rather blunt statement from a non-player character. "Are you sure you are ready? There's no turning back, you know." Witcher 2, true to its standard of not coddling anyone, dispenses with this and just fails quests that you take too long to get to.

I only had two left in the second chapter, neither of which I knew how to do. My laptop was all the way upstairs, so I was going to close out the evening by advancing the plot until the end of the chapter. Nope, I walked through a door and a message popped up saying that the quests were no longer available. They weren't very interesting quests, but I would still have liked to figure them out. One was a riddle so cryptic that I no idea where to even begin and the other was a 'kill all of X monsters' but it didn't bother to say how big X was. Gamefaws had the answers, I just never got the chance to cheat.

Finding inconsequential things to complain about is a good indicator that I am enjoying something, and Witcher 2 does indeed amuse. I know full well that by playing it on easy I am missing half the game (the challenge) but I am fine with that. There are too many games to play for me to spend time replaying a battle over and over just to find the correct combination of potions and sword buffs to sneak by with my life. My enjoyment comes from progression, not repetition, and being comfortable with not being very good at games is an added bonus.

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