Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It talked me into it

I would like to call your attention to Sidequest. Go ahead, play it now, I will wait.



And not exactly an exaggeration.


I hate it when a bad game has a hook just good enough to keep me interested. Case in point, Game of Thrones is a bad RPG that is so wordy that I simply must know what happens next. This is in direct opposition to Dragon's Dogma, a game that is no doubt superior but that I quit because it was not wordy enough. I was responsible for all of my own enjoyment in Dragon's Dogma, and being quite lazy, that did not fly. Game of Thrones is linear to a fault, with a few Sidequest sidequests thrown in just to pad things out, but I am actually enjoying it. All of the talking actually moves the story along, and it moves along quickly. There have been two murdered lords, two whore houses, betrayal, and monarchy approved incest.

This is the only game I can think of in which a sister and half brother being forced to marry is even mentioned, much less a major plot point. Kudos, I guess.

Combat has been figured out to the point that I can stop thinking about it. One of my two characters (who exist in different time periods, more on that in a bit) is a two handed sword wielding tank. He wades into the thick of things like a goth windmill, swinging at everything and then making blithe comments on how pointless it all is. The second character, who I designed as backup for the first, is your typical leather wearing archer. A pansy, in other words. I found out that these two characters never end up in the same party too late, so I have been forced to use my archer, who has no hit points or armor, all by himself.

It did not go well until I unlocked the 'paralyze' attack. Now I walk up to someone, hit them with paralyze, take two steps back and fill them with arrows. No honorable, but it works. There were options in the combat system to get out of an almost impossible situation, and it only took a few deaths to figure out. I am not sure if this give points in the games favor for being flexible or mine for being able to quickly break game mechanics when necessary.

I'll take the points. I am going to need them when I try to go online with Sarah Bryant tonight. Block button, what the fuck is that? And I have to move it 3 dimensions?!

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