Friday, June 8, 2012

It's a reflex

The two separate plots in Game of Thrones have started to make sense, or at the very least I understand how they are related to one another. It would appear that my two 'heroes' are actually on very different sides and that they will end up squaring up against one another. This is where I search the recesses of my brain for a 'just like such and such' comment to prove both my intellectual superiority and how many terrible game I have actually played. Not going to do that today. No sir, that's lazy writing and I need to be more creative. I went back and read a few reviews I wrote over a year ago and while I would not call them amazing they are certainly readable. I still made with silly comparisons, but that is just how my brain works. I live off of connections and patterns, so much so that new things take a very long time to be integrated into day to day life.

God damnit, just like Kain and Raziel fighting in Legacy of Kain Defiance or the protagonist briefly switching sides in Baten Kaitos. It's a a nervous twitch, I can't help it. I am (skinny) comic book guy, just for video games.

Back on topic, the loading scenes in Game of Thrones warn that choices made now may have effects on future events. I certainly hope so, as my archer who is supposed to be sucking up to the evil queen to get his town back has done nothing but piss her off and him being sent off to the gallows would be hilarious. I'm not doing it purpose, I am just doing everything wrong. For example, there was a soldier from a defeated rival city hanging out it the queen's court saying nasty things about her. I told on him, because that is how I roll, so she instructed me to take care of it sans violence. No problem, I went through the dialogue tree taking the snarkiest possible choices, eventually accusing him of misplaced loyalty to a dead price based on what kind of services he paid said prince when he was but a young, nubile squire.

Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

That bastard attacked me! Even though I killed him in self defense I was still reprimanded. I am pretty sure that this character is headed for a bad ending, which is okay, as long as it is amusing.

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