Saturday, June 16, 2012

No one wins but me

Game of Thrones tries very hard to make you care about the characters in the final few acts, but all it succeeds in doing is highlighting how they are all scum, but perhaps that is the point. Having no familiarity with the novels and mini-series I can only assume so. I was asked to choose one of the two characters to 'fulfill their destiny' before starting the final chapter. I chose Mors, because up to that point his actions had adhered to his own code. Twisted as it may have been, at least it was consistent. Here is how it went down.

Spoilers! As is anyone else will play this.

Fifteen years ago Mors disobeyed a direct order from his lord to kill a rival lord's wife and children. He knew that his would mean death, but his friend, Alester, convinced him to 'take the black.' Move to Castle Black to protect the land's northern border. Mors took the offer in exchange for Alester promising to hide and protect his family. Fast forward to game time and Mors makes it back to where his family was hidden to find them dead an buried. Much drama ensues.

Mors finds out that the main bad guy (and Alester's half brother) Valaar killed them. There is some side business with the last living member of the previous dynasty and her child, lots of other people die, and there is a final confrontation between Mors, Alester and Valaar. Mors and Alester win (because I had figured out how to break the combat) and in his death throws Valaar asks Mors if he knew where Alester was when his family was killed.

Flashback time. It was indeed Valaar that killed Mors' daughter, but Alester killed his wife. They had received orders to kill Mors' family as a punishment for his disobedience. Alester has to obey, for if he did not his family would be next. Valaar enjoys things a bit too much, Alester gives him a nice gash across the face and then flees the country until the present day.

Mors reasonably decides that he needs to kill Alester now. As usually happens when the computer takes over a party member and forces you to fight him, Alester suddenly grew much more powerful. I know how many hit points he had an I should have killed him in two hits. It took about five minutes. Mors takes the baby who he promised to protect and leaves.

No one wins, everyone is is scum.

Well, I win, because the game is done now and I can move on to something else, like watching CEO finals tomorrow night.

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