Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not that game of thrones. Ew.

Just to be contrary I am not going to talk about E3 anymore, and it's not because Nintendo Press Conference is going on more or less right now and I stopped caring about Nintendo years ago.

Okay, one little lolSony for the road:

Oh man, what is that? Looks like an unused prop from a Sasha Grey video. And if you get that joke you should be ashamed of yourself. I know I am.


In spite of shipping a day later, Game of Thrones beat Witcher 2 into my mailbox, so I am going to start with the lesser of the two games. I know nothing of Game of Thrones; I have not read the book and I refuse to pay for television so I have not seen the show either. I think it ended up on my list because I saw a preview for it in Gameinformer that looked mildly interesting, so here it is, mildly interesting at best.

It does a thing or two quite well. Character customization actually allows customization beyond what they look like and what color their underwear is. First you choose one of three archetypes, then you divide up ability points in a very second edition D&D manner, then you mete out specific ability points, then you make a few choices from a tech tree or two, and then you can choose a balance between advantages and disadvantages. Characters start out with nothing from either list, which is boring, so I chose to handicap my guys just a bit to keep things interesting, with the side benefit of extra ability points with every level gained.

Okay, so now I have a character carved out to my liking, more or less, what do I get to do with him? The answer, unfortunately, is play a game that looks and feels a lot like Knights of the Old Republic. Combat plays out almost identically, with queued abilities in a almost real time setting. It's a bit boring, but you do have to pay attention, as enemies will queue up their own abilities that you need to interrupt or get smoten for your laziness. The combat is just good enough,  just, to keep things moving along.

There is certainly a lot of talking, which I assume is staying true to the HBO namesake, but there have been no boobs so far, which does not (or so I have been told). After three hours Game of Thrones can best be described as 'quaint.' Certainly not high praise, but better than a kick in the nuts.

It is going to be put aside tomorrow, anyway, when I try to remember how to play Virtua Fighter. I predict that it will not go well.


  1. eeeVirtuaFighter5FinalShowdowneee!

  2. I would buy it for PS3, but my arcade stick is not dual modded.

    Though the d-pad on the dual shock 3 is pretty good...

  3. Ohhh it would be so funnn but no pressure. I'd feel awful if you bought the PS3 version under duress and I lost interest in a week (when Gravity Rush & Lollipop Chainsaw drop).