Monday, June 18, 2012

This is not the prequel you are looking for

I played nothing this weekend, opting instead to leave the house on Saturday for large screen entertainment and spicy chicken appendages and stay in on Sunday for small screen streamed entertainment and a bag of dollar store pretzels. Three out of four of these things were actually enjoyable.

The big screen - Prometheus - not good

I had heard rumblings of Prometheus being bull shit and ignored them because, hey, a new alien movie, right?  It had been years and I was in the right mood for jump scares, exploding guts and extending jaws. It really isn't an Alien movie, which I could forgive, if anything that happened made sense. I am not going to get into a philosophical discussion about people being seeded by an ancient space faring race to be used as a breeding ground for bio-weapons several million years later because even though it is a pretty big stretch at least it was done with telling a story in mind. Everything else in Prometheus seems to have been engineered in reverse: the special effects crew came up with some kick ass effect that they wanted to use and the writers found a way to back into it under threat of death or unemployment.

For example, and thpolierth of course:

Special Effects guy: I have a burning urge to show a woman being sliced open by a machine and an alien removed from her stomach. Let's make it happen!

Writer 1: Well I suppose we could have her get attacked by a face hugger.

Writer 2: There are no face huggers. This is not an Alien movie *wink*. Come up with something better.

Writer 1: Okay. Her boyfriend gets infected by something and then 'infects' her, if you know what I mean.

Writer 2: Sounds good, she have nice legs, but how did he get infected? No face huggers.

Writer 1: He takes his helmet off in a hostile environment!

Writer 2: We already filmed the scene with everyone taking their helmets off. For no reason other than we couldn't keep the helmets from fogging up on the set and we ran out of Windex.

Writer 1: The evil robot infects him?

Writer 2: Why?

Writer 1: Because he's evil?

Special Effects guy: While you guys were talking I already finished the scene. Next!

Prometheus is bad and Ridley Scott should feel bad.


Wings of the spicy variety. Good!


CEO. So, so hype.

I only got to see the top 12 of the AE finals, but it was the best top 12 of anything I have seen in quit a while. Eleven different characters, with the only duplicate being Rufus. Ricky was as good as he normally is and Justin Wong seems to have remembered that there is money to be had by wining. There was also a Cody, which is rare in high end play, and a Fuerte, which I have never seen on a stream (at least never seen win on a stream).

EVO is close, so the Japanese killers have begun there invasion. Three of them made it top twelve. One of them took second, and it wasn't Daigo. Momochi's Cody was amazing to watch, and while I was pleased to see Daigo's return to Ryu, it was just as if not more pleasing to see two American Rufus players knock him out of the tournament. I have no doubt he will make a serious run at EVO, but his time of dominance may have passed.

It is regrettable that I missed the Marvel finals, but Justin won those, too.


Dollar store pretzels. Dry, salty, crunchy, pedestrian. Still better than Prometheus.

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