Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finger sports

I meant to start the sneaky sneaky shooty shooty game last night but was interrupted by post EVO hype induced AE. This usually lasts about a day and is ended by remembering that I have neither the time nor the talent to replicate the wonders I have witnessed. This malady struck several of us and we formed a lobby of people with approximately the same ability, as long as I didn't play Blanka and one of the other guys avoided his damn Rose. Take away my main and I am left with a few bullshit characters and an incredibly scrubby Ryu, but it was still a good time.

The grand finals started much too late on Sunday for me to see live and I have yet to go back and watch them. Everyone I have spoken to has said that they were an extreme let down after the King of Fighters and Marvel finals. The Marvel top eight was easily some of the best matches I have ever seen. It would have been better if Filipino Champ lost, but seeing his earnest emotional reaction to winning a very close series of matching was almost enough for me to look past how much of a douche bag he is.

An attendee noted that the fighting game community resembles wrestling: on stream or in front of a camera people are one way, but once the audience at large is gone and it is just one guy looking for advice or an autograph they become much more friendly. Kayfabe breaks quickly, just not for everyone, and certainly not during an important fight. The live audience knows this but plays along because it is more fun to go along for the ride than bitch about the color of the car. The internet audience trolls them both, because we can.

Fighting games are an excellent spectator sport. I mean every word of that sentence, up to and including 'sport.'

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