Monday, July 16, 2012

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As a result of this weekends (to not be blogged about) excitement I have neglected to report in the ending of Sniper Elite V2. The lack of updates fits the game's gentle slide into the credits just fine. Not much happens. you are given the last mission to kill someone who you know nothing about. In a game where blowing up tanks and missiles by shooting at their gas caps from 200 yards away is common place hitting a runaway Nazi scientist in a moving car is rather underwhelming. Worse, the ending monologue in which the sniper declares himself the first soldier of the cold war was nauseating.

Sniper Elite V2 ended just in time. Any longer and I might have started to actively dislike it instead of passive aggressively taking shots at it while it wasn't looking.


Confession time. I enjoy JRPG's, the more cliched the better. They have been a little harder to come by as of late, with Final Fantasy XII-2 being the last example I can think of, so I am about ready to spend 40+ hours filling the shoes of a spikey haired purveyor of daring do. Tales of Graces f takes it one step further and has characters who are all in their early teens, each of which has a single emotional reaction, zero depth, and can still kick any grown ups' ass. It is so saccharine that my teeth hurt after more then an hour or so of play, and I say without shame that it makes me happy.

These were the only kind of games that I played during the late PS and early PS2 days. Money was more of an issue at that time so any game purchased better damn well keep me occupied for quite a while. Doe eyed characters making sudden personal realizations manage to pull at my emotionally repressed heart strings and I cannot explain why. If the combat is good enough, which doesn't happen very often any more, I can even stand the random battles. Tales of Graces f is all of these things so far. After only three hours of play there is an 11 jack ass of a kid who does the opposite of whatever his father says, his sickly future love interest, another girl with amnesia who is obviously the stories maguffin, his younger brilliant brother and the sheltered prince who finds the main characters lack of respect for his elders irresistible.

The game is a checklist of ideas that western RPG's have long since deserted. It is also brightly colored, fairly linear, has a crafting system that is easy to use and optional, and I would never let anyone see my playing it.

Not quite as embarrassing as Final Fantasy X-2, but close.

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