Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meta time

Sitting at work watching a SQL database restore for the third time...

So, so exciting.

Not much to talk about today. Nothing was played last night; spent the evening scaling walls and consuming New Glarus Black Top. I heartily recommend it if you happen to live in a place where you can get it. You probably don't, which is a shame, because it is exceptional. Their Laughing Fox is also very good. It smells like the Djarum Blacks that I smoked in college to annoy people at bars.

Today on the beer blog...


I just made the mistake of looking at how many hits this place gets and on what pages. For the most part I am talking to myself and maybe two other people (Hi Chance! If I ever find myself in Canada, I will abuse your hospitality!). This is either a little sad or massively ego-maniacal. I prefer the second option for obvious reasons. Time to meta-blog!

The post with the most hits all time is this one, probably because the image of what's her face from Kings Bounty Armored Princess actually links back to its home site. It's not the best bit of blogging I have done, but it certainly isn't one of the drunken rambles that I have edited the following mornings to protect the innocent (in the words, me). Second most hits go to my MagnaCarta 2 review, probably for the same reasons. Those images link back to a site that I at one time wrote reviews for. Since then I have stopped abusing other's bandwidth and hosted all the images in the blog itself. Not that I drain that much bandwidth.

The search key words are even more interesting. The first two are for Alice Madness Returns figures followed by the climax mountain. The idea of someone looking for information on the climax mountain and finding themselves in my little corner of the web is very amusing.

I also pull an inordinate amount of traffic from China, which I do not understand.

Thus ends my meta-blogging. The SQL database has finished restoring and an update has been running on it for about a half an hour. Time to work again.


  1. You mean there's something north of me besides the upper peninsula of Michigan?