Thursday, July 12, 2012

Now that's precise

Sniper Elite V2 is a game that must be played according to its own rules to succeed, but it does not bother to tell the player what the rules are and they change from section to section. Pure stealth may seem like a good idea until you run into an enemy that will sound the alarm on you every time and you realize that you probably should have killed the dozen or so bad guys that you passed. Other times killing the wrong person at the wrong time opens up the closet of infinite Nazis and the level is filled with more goose stepping than is physically possible. Both of the scenarios move the game play very quickly from 'sneaky sneaky snipey snipey' to 'oh shit runny runny' which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds.

There are sweet spots where scouting an area, marking target, the popping their head from 200 yards all click and the game is very, very good. Timing shots with noise in the environment is interesting if a bit abused and makes you wonder if anyone pays attention to what happens in their peripheral vision.

'So Hanz, I am not going to look at you, but how are the wife and kids?

'Oh, they are fine. Hey, did you hear the joke about the bratwurst and the...'

*thunder followed by Hanz' head being reduced to a fine red mist*

'Hanz? Hanz? Finish the joke!'

I haven't seen modeling of grievous injury this detailed since Soldier of Fortune. Scoped shots that hit are often rewarded with an internal view of the grotesque proceedings, a la the x-ray moves from Mortal Kombat. Other times I have been treated to really icky looking exit wounds form the back of the head or neck. It's visceral at first, repetitive later, but never something that I will get used to.

This game is a one trick pony, comprised entirely of the one off levels from Call of Duty games. There is a reason that there are never two sniping levels in a row in main steam shooters. If I wanted to have a good time laying prone I wouldn't be doing it alone in the dirt while people are shooting at me.

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