Monday, July 30, 2012

So I heard you like multi-core processors

A wild Durango appears!

And it is apparently the real deal. Such a leak does not surprise me. There is more than enough money in the console business to warrant industrial espionage, though in this case it might be a case of someone have a beer too many and leaving it under a bar stool. That'e never happened before, and it wasn't just for show. Nope. Who knows if Microsoft is actually that savvy. I am not interested in the marketing potential, nor am I interested in the technical specifications of an alpha box that will change three times before going into production. What I want to know if who is going to pay $10,000 for this thing and what they plan on doing with it.

The most obvious problem here is that the sale of this dev box is illegal. It is stolen property and you can't sell stolen property with getting both the seller and sell-y in trouble. The online listing quickly went away because someone with a brain finally saw it and their lawyer alarm went off, but let's pretend for a second that it didn't. Let's pretend that the device changed hands under the table instead of online and that some ecstatic hacker now has his hands on a device that might have some passing resemblance to the new Xbox. What is he going to do with it?

I suppose he could wallow in home brew development and create all sorts of games that will make him no money and no one will ever play. He could also use it to start working on cracking the new Xbox, allowing anyone and everyone to play his bad home brew games and what other pirated software they choose to steal. This is assuming that the box in his hands will look anything like the final product, which it wont, and that this person who spent $10,000 on it has the technical know how to do so, which he probably doesn't, because he doesn't exist.

The very fact that we are hearing about this at all makes me think it is either a hoax or a misguided attempt my Microsoft to drum up very early excitement. This little ploy hasn't gone main stream yet, and I do not know what percentage of the Xbox nation reads MCV or Eurogamer, but I bet it isn't much. So who are they trying to impress? Who is the target of this?

Never attribute to malice  what can be more easily explained by ignorance. Maybe it is real and some idiot took his Durango out to impress a girl and then left it behind. All silliness aside, the story is mostly factual, at least according to article I linked. I doubt anything will ever come out of this in either the 'some one needs to be charged with a crime for this' area now or the 'I can run me leet warz because of the alpha box' later. At the very least it's amusing.

Microsoft gets the first lol of the impending console battle. Sony, who has gotten almost all of the previous lols, has yet to comment.

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