Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This town needs an enema!

It was a Batman weekend. I watched The Dark Knight on Saturday night for maybe the third or fourth time. It gets better each time I watch it, not because I am seeing new things in it but because I know what is coming and it makes me anxious. I know that the Joker is lying to everyone, that he is going to turn Dent into Two Face, that he is going to blow up both the boats no matter what the people do, and it still makes me uncomfortable, just like it should.

The Dark Knight Rises also had a few moments that made me squirm, but not for the same reasons. I decided to go all by myself on a whim, looking for some quiet time to spend with just a movie and an order of over priced nachos (the cheese was watery and terrible...). The first mistake I made was buying my ticket online using my phone. This prevented me from seeing exactly where I was going to sit in the all assigned seating theater. The second mistake was assuming that it would not sell out, that I would be able to quickly relocate once the previews started. No dice. I was stuck in the front row, left side, right by the emergency exit door.

I could not help glancing over at the door occasionally, the tragic events of opening night in Denver fresh in my mind. It is an irrational fear, one made worse by over zealous, fear mongering media coverage, but it was certainly there. Bane's army destroying large chunks of Gotham did not help; it was a little too real, a little too close to things that could honestly happened. Nolan has created a gritty realistic super hero and his world is separated from our own by a scant few degrees. Outside of Batman himself (and the fusion reactor turned into a bomb. HAha.) much of the evil was believable, plausible, and terrifying.

While I am not going to write up a full fledged review, and I am certainly not going to fill up the post with spoilers, I will certainly say that it is a movie you should see. I do not think it equals The Dark Knight, but it is an excellent ending to the Batman of our times.

Not this Batman:

Not this Batman:

Certainly not this Batman:

...and Bane was pretty good too. He even did this:

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