Saturday, August 11, 2012

A day of awesome

So, my new Qanba stick arrived and it is drop dead sexy (pics tomorrow). Even the box is awesome. It will take some time to get used to, though, as I am not used to a stick of this size. On my old SE I had the terrible habit or hooking my left pinky over the side for leverage. I can't do that now. This thing takes up my whole lap. ON the plus side it is going to force me to improve my execution. I can already tell that I need to stop riding the gate; there is much less throw on this stick compared to my old one so I really don't need to move very far to get where I want to go. All in all it was X dollars well spent, even if I will never really be good enough to deserve a controller of such quality.

As soon as I had the delivery confirmation I ducked out of work and purchased Persona 4 Arena. This is not out of loyalty to any of the RPGs (because I never finished one). No, it was based souly on the reports of other players. I had not heard a single bad thing about the game aside from the 360 net code and that lone issue was fixed in a patch a few days after release. So I sat down last night, new stick, new game, ready to work.

God damn is the game good.

It certainly isn't Street Fighter. It does not have the same slow pace that I so enjoy, but it certainly isn't as frenetic as Marvel. Each lovingly hand drawn character has just enough moves to be manageable and combos that range from bread and butter east to oh my God I will never be able to do that. This is just the way it should be. I like the effective low hanging fruit that keeps me sated while looking at the shit that my hands will not do.

Even the matchmaking works. I found a character I like (the one charge character, of course) and hit ranked with one punish combo and a fist full of mashing A into super and was matched with someone in exactly the same place. Yes, I was bodied a few times, but I did not loose every match either.

If I must find a complaint, the roster is a little small and there are not that many stages, but it is still worth the price of entry. This is the first non-Street Fighter game that I actually want to put time into and get better at. King of Fighters XIII is a excellent game but the online play is ass. Street Fighter X Tekken's online play is just find but the game is ass. Persona 4 Arena is just right.

I was dreaming about combos last night. This is not normal. I feel sorry for all the other games that I should be playing.

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