Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And in this corner

I thought I was done. Tales of Graces f had pulled the standard three hours without a save point in the final dungeon bit that most JRPG's do, but I stayed with it. The final boss only killed me once before figured out the super secret tactic (run away when he flashes red). I even watched most of the credits before skipping to the end and saving my game. Not being one for new game + I was ready to delete the whole deal and send the game on its way, moderately satisfied with its predictable conclusion. But wait, what's this? A new menu option?

'Lineage and Legacies'


An optional ten hour epilogue. Those bastards, I thought I was done. How dare they give me more content that may or may nor be interesting enough to play. A bit of digging reveals that it is a PS3 exclusive and that the game is a Wii port to begin with. I had no idea, but it does explain the simple look of things. I thought it was a stylistic choice. Nope, hamstrung by wimpy hardware. I will play this bonus, but not right now. Right now I need to put more time into P4A before I forget what little I learned over the weekend. Plus a worst of the year contender has arrived going by the name Blades of Time. Critic had a field day with this one, highlighted by the UK Official Xbox Magazine saying it was slightly more pleasant than a nuclear explosion.

I have done a fair amount of making fun of games but I don't think I have ever compared one to a weapon of mass destruction. No game can be that bad, can it? Is it wrong that I am looking forward to seeing just how bad the game is?

Oh man. I take back a few of the bad things I said about Lollipop Chainsaw. At least she wasn't trying to be Lara Croft.

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