Friday, August 31, 2012

It's still a bit raw

I need to apologize for my initial dismissal of Rock Band Blitz as being little more than an exercise in makes numbers bigger. Last night I sat down with the intent of finishing up the tracks that came with them game and the getting started on Birds of Steel (another Gaijin Entertainment game, I love them!). Three hours later I hadn't moved and my left hand was completely numb. After the new tracks were finished I filtered the list by song source and started  playing games from the first Rock Band. The mixes were just a little off, but still, there were songs that I had not played through with any game for quite some time. The fact that I was doing it with two notes per track and juggling four tracks didn't matter. It was just good to hear the old songs again.

Blitz is still not as good as Rock Band proper but I do not think that it was intended to be. This is an appetizer, a way to get people back into the habit of buying DLC. I didn't realize that there were new Black Keys tracks. The opening screen was more than willing to expose the holes in my collection and encourage my filling them. The game suggestive sells better than any register monkey could ever dream of


I really am going to play Birds of Steel. I need to know what the company that inflicted Blades of Time on me was thinking by making a flight simulator. By all accounts it is not terrible, even good, but I have a very difficult time believing that having endured the companies other release. Once I start it I am going to have to finish it. Starting the game is taking more courage than usual.

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