Monday, August 20, 2012

Mash 'em if you've got 'em

Me in the practice room of Persona 4 Arena:

B, 2AB (ch4), 6B, 2A, 2B (ch2), 8C, B, 2AB (ch4), 6A, 256256C, 256256C - in the corner, approx 4000 damage

Fuck yeah.

Me in an actual match of Persona 4 Arena:


I am such a scrub.

That combo up there, in spite of the inscrutable number pad notation, is not that hard. Getting the 2A after the first 6B feels like a two frame link that can be teched out of if it is missed and the second 256256C has pretty tight timing. Other that those, no problems. Out of the corner there are similar combos that do not end in super cancels (and do 2000 less damage), but they are also not very difficult.

Getting into the correct position to make the attempt is where the problems start. There are numerous ways to get out of the corner: super jump, DP, invincible forward dash and burst, and there are probably more. This means that getting someone into the corner once isn't enough. Mitsuru's big mid-screen combos all start with her 5D. Think Scorpion's 'get over here' but with an ice whip. This is also space dependent and can be dropped. The safest bet is almost always the auto-combo. It is seldom the best choice, but it is the one that i know is going to work.

But it makes me feel so dirty.

On the bright side I did get someone to rage quit on me. I was amused enough to taunt him a bit after.

Me - umad?

Him - ugay?

Me - uasking?

Then I ran into him again and he beat me doing the exact same thing that he quit on me for: using the same combo over and over because the other guy didn't know to block it. Losing didn't bother me; I have had plenty of practice. What was infuriating was how lost the irony was on this guy, and that pointing it out would have done him no good.

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